Microsoft Solutions

Solutions are a set of products or apps that work together to solve a specific industry problem. They include features, apps and services to help customers achieve their business goals with the power of Microsoft.

Each solution has its own unique capabilities that combine the power of the Microsoft platform and partner offerings. To find solutions, select the industry area you’re interested in from the left navigation pane or on the Solutions page of Solution Center.

In addition to the standard solutions listed on this page, you can also find solutions customized for your environment in the AppSource marketplace. These solutions are backed by the same quality assurance standards as all AppSource solutions and have been verified for integration and compatibility with the product you’re choosing. To see more about the app or service, choose its name in the list of solutions and then select Details. You can see ratings and reviews from marketplace users and review sourced from G2 on the detail page.

To create your own customized solutions, follow these steps. You’ll need to create a marketplace account and agree to the terms of service. Then, select Add a solution and provide all required information to create it.

As a solution provider, you can use the Azure Marketplace to package your own tools, products and services into an end-to-end customer subscription. You can then manage, support and bill your customers directly using dedicated in-product tools. To learn more, visit the marketplace for Azure Marketplace solutions or check out the Azure Marketplace benefits guide. microsoft solutions

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