Merit Beauty Reviews – The New Brand That’s All the Buzz

Merit Beauty is a new-ish minimalist beauty brand founded by Who What Wear co-founder Katherine Power and with a focus on “responsible luxury,” meaning products that are safe for your body, skin and planet. Their goal is to streamline makeup routines with easy-to-use products that are meant to enhance the natural beauty of your face and skin with a no-fuss, five minute look.

The brand was launched in January 2021 stateside and is a favorite of celebs like Mandy Moore, Cameron Diaz and Bella Hadid (who debuted her first-ever lipstick from the brand at NYFW last year). The line focuses on clean, minimal products that are easy to use.

Designed in partnership with celebrity aesthetician Biba de Sousa, the formulas are nourishing and packed with good-for-skin ingredients like squalane, shea butter and antioxidants. All the products are also gluten-free, vegan, cruelty-free and held to EU cosmetic safety standards (which are more strict than Sephora’s own guidelines). They’re also Clean at Sephora verified and free of de Sousa’s hard no list of 73 acne-causing ingredients.

While I haven’t tried every product from the brand, the ones I have tested have been fantastic — especially their Day Glow Highlighting Balm and Minimalist Perfecting Complexion Stick. Both products are super easy to blend with just one swipe and you can build up coverage depending on your desired amount of glow. They’re also both light enough to be layered on top of your foundation. Merit Beauty Reviews

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