How to Sell CBD Online With BigCommerce

While cbd online may not be the first place you think to buy a supplement, it’s certainly becoming more common. In fact, we’ve even seen some gas stations selling CBD on their shelves right alongside the energy drinks and chewing gum.

To succeed in this new ecommerce market, CBD brands need to create and execute a marketing strategy that is a) data-backed and realistic, b) specific to each channel, and c) focused on increasing awareness, acquiring new customers and fostering repeat purchases. This requires a solid plan that includes budgets, timelines and specific action items.

With such a niche product, CBD brands need to differentiate themselves from the competition by clearly defining their value proposition and targeting the appropriate customer segments. This is especially important when promoting products that require a high degree of consumer trust, such as CBD oils and other concentrated products. To foster consumer confidence, these brands should provide detailed certificates of analysis and be ready to answer any questions or concerns a potential customer might have about the CBD contents of their products.

CBD marketing must also adhere to FDA guidelines, as sellers are prohibited from making medical claims for their products. For this reason, CBD brands should avoid using words such as “relieve,” “aid” or “enhance” in their product descriptions or social media posts. Similarly, any customer reviews must be carefully monitored for inappropriate statements and removed accordingly. Fortunately, the BigCommerce platform offers a robust set of eCommerce tools that will help CBD businesses meet these requirements and maximize their ROI. cbd online

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