Hex Lag Screws

Hex lag screws are threaded fasteners that feature a hexagonal head. They’re used to fasten materials like wood, sheet metal and other heavy-duty materials when high levels of torque are required. Hex lag screws are available in various head styles. Some types combine different heads into one fastener, such as combination hex screws that have both slotted and Philips heads for use with a standard screwdriver. Others have hex heads, which are used when a high level of torque is needed and make them compatible with socket wrenches for installation or removal.

Lag screws are some of the toughest types of screws. Also known as lag bolts, these extremely sturdy fasteners connect lumber and other heavy materials that bear an intense load. They differ from other more common screw types, such as wood screws, self-drilling screws and sheet metal screws, because they are much larger in size. They also have hex heads and require pre-drilled holes before installation.

Stainless steel hex lag screws offer corrosion resistance and are ideal for outdoor or marine applications. They are also available in low-carbon steel for general construction projects. Low-carbon steel is more cost-effective than stainless but still offers a similar level of corrosion protection.

Lag screws are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate a wide range of applications. They are commonly used in wood-to-wood construction, as well as metal-to-metal connections. They’re often installed with lag shields to protect against damage from vibration. hex lag screws

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