Explanatory Film

Explanatory film is a form of media that conveys content in an understandable and entertaining manner. It can be used to explain products, services, or topics that require a deeper understanding of the subject. It can also be used to create a positive image of an organization or company, and can convey a sense of pride in what is being presented. An explanation film can be filmed live, animated or stop-motion, and may use any number of techniques to convey the information.

A well-made explainer video conveys the culture and ‘feel’ of an organization, in addition to its message. The style of the video can be reassuringly professional or show off creativity and a sense of humour. This approach is especially effective if the film is intended to be used in a bid to win new business.

Animated films are ideally suited for explaining products and services. They are fun and entertaining with their colorful pictures, and they are particularly suitable for posting on social networks. They can be dubbed with a voice over, but this is not always necessary.

An explainer video from just can be posted directly on the company website, shared on a smartphone or even beamed out as a digital billboard. It is also a great way to attract attention in a trade fair or exhibition, or as part of a corporate presentation. The videos are easy to understand and provide a high level of added value for your customers. erklärfilm

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